Half Hitch gin Review

Camden Gin History

With names like juniper crescent,  gin ally and Gilbey’s yard, it’s no wonder that Camden played a massive part in gin history. Most visitors don’t realise that back in the mid 19th century, Camden lock was at the heart of London’s gin Distilling and warehousing scene with its footprint stretching 20 acres from the Lock to the Roundhouse.

These days Camden is better known for its diverse community. Creative sellers, street food traders and independent stores line the streets.  Half Hitch gin however, are bringing gin Distilling back to the heart of Camden.

Half Hitch Gin

Back in 2014, Mark Holdsworth decided to kickstart Camdens rich distilling history by distilling elements of his new gin in disused Victorian vaults located right next to one of the biggest former gin warehouses, the Interchange Building.

The name and bottle label is inspired by the type of rope knot – a round turn and two half hitches – used by those mooring up their barges along Camden Lock.

The key botanicals in Half Hitch include Black tea, Bergamot, Wood, Hay and Pepper, each chosen with Camden’s rich history of trade in mind.

To get the most out of these flavours they employ three individual, time intensive production methods. A copper pot distillation, vacuum distillation and hand crafted tinctures.

What does it taste like

On the nose there is a subtle note of vanilla with bergamot and soft juniper. Tasted neat, theres a lovely peppery sweetness followed by a subtle bitterness from the tannins which allows the vanilla and juniper to come through. It has a nice oily mouth feel with a slight creaminess . The finish is full of black tea notes which, being a black tea drinker, I really like. This lingers nicely and brings malty, earthy notes and a bergamot finish.

Mixed with tonic, you get a note of lemon with a malty, vanilla finish that lasts long after your first sip.

Final thoughts

Half Hitch is an interesting gin – the botanicals used are unique, the use of black tea being the most interesting. It’s quite a bitter, malty gin that might not be to everyone’s taste but it’s smooth and wonderfully drinkable.

You can find out more about Half Hitch here, and check out some of their cocktail ideas. If you fancy getting social, check them out of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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