Gin Subscriptions


If you love gin half as much as we do you then you might be considering one of the many gin subscription services available… but which one do you choose!?

There are so many available these days that it’s pretty hard to choose the best one for you! Well, fret no more! Below is a list of all subscriptions available in the UK, including what they offer and how much it costs!

We will be keeping this up to date as best as possible but if there is a subscription we have missed then contact us and we will add it to the list!

Craft Gin Club


The craft gin club is probably the one you have heard about the most. They have been around for a few years now and since they appeared on Dragons Den, they have steadily grown to be probably one of the largest gin subscription services in the UK.

Members can enjoy a gin box delivered directly to their door every one, two or three months. Each box includes an exclusive full-size bottle of gin, paired mixers and garnishes to make your favorite drinks, sweet and savory snacks and club magazine full of loads of interesting articles.

Cost – £40 a month

Frequency – one, two or three months

Website –


Flavourly – The Gin Discovery Club

The Flavourly website has a great selection of gin that is constantly being improved on. For the cost of £16 a month, you will receive a 200ml bottle of gin,  2 mixers, a snack and a gin magazine. The gins are all from small batch distillers and are selected by Flavourly.

Cost – £16 a month

Frequency – one, two or three months



Little Gin Box

The Little Gin Box subscription service offers members 2 x 50ml bottles of gin plus tasting notes each month. This is one of the more simpler services, it does not send mixers, garnishes or a snack, and this is reflected in the price. It comes in at £10 a month and can be set up as a rolling subscription of a fixed term.

Cost – £10

Frequency – monthly, fixed or rolling term




At the time of writing, Gin With is the new kid on the block. Gin With offers subscribers a 50/70cl bottle of gin,  fresh garnish, tasting notes and sweet and savory snacks! What is interesting about Gin With is the inclusion of fresh garnish to compliment your gin. Each garnish is hand-picked, prepared and packaged by a local greengrocer using the latest technology, ensuring they stay fresh right until they are opened.

Cost – £39.95

Frequency –  Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly




G&T Club

The G&T Club subscription offers up pretty much the same as the Craft Gin club (at a similar price point) but does include botanicals that compliment your gin. For your £40 a month you 1 full-size bottle of gin, 2 tonics, botanicals, a sweet and savory snack, and G&T Club discovery cards. The creators, Christian and Konrad, set up the service to help gin lovers discover new and existing gins from the comfort of their own home and to teach people how everything can make a difference – how the glass, the garnish, the botanicals,  and the perfect tonic can make a gin shine.

Cost – £40

Frequency – Monthly, bi-monthly, Quartley

Website –


The Friday Night Gin Club

When you join the Friday Night Gin club you get sent 4 miniatures gins each month for you to taste. Then once you have selected your favorite, you let them know and when you get the next months miniatures you will also get a full-size bottle of your favorite from the last month.

Cost – 29.99

Frequency – Monthly

Website –

I Love Gin

The I Love Gin subscription offering boasts the ability to create 4 G&Ts per box. Each month you get 2 gins to try along with accompanying mixers. You also get a recipe card with tasting notes and some gin history.  Members can also take advantage of exclusive discounts on full-sized bottles of gin and bottles of tonic from their online shop, and enter member-only competitions to win gin.

Cost – £14

Frequency – Monthly

Website –


Think Gin Club

The Think gin Club is another subscription service that comes in at the £40 mark. For that, you get a bottle of gin, mixers that compliment the gin and a sweet or savory snack. They also include some history on the month’s gin and some cocktail ideas.  They also guarantee that the box value is always over £55.

Cost –  £40

Frequency – Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quartley

Website  –


The Juniper Club

The juniper club offers a number of different subscriptions to suit every taste.  The standard subscription gets you a surprise gin of the month and comes in at £35. For an extra £9 a month you can add tonic and garnish to complete the package. Then they also offer a Cornish, Scottish, English or Yorkshire subscription which aims to highlight the amazing spirits that are being produced in these regions. Finally, they have the miniature gin subscription which gets you 2 gin miniatures each month (either 4cl or 5cl).

Cost – Standard subscription: £35, with tonic and garnish: £44. Minature gin subscription – £12.50

Frequency – Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quartley


Club Botanical

Club botanical is different from all the others above but does earn the right to get on this list. Instead of sending out bottles of gin to its members, they send out a different selection of botanicals for you to pair with your own gin.

Each month subscribers will get a box containing three flavor combinations, bringing you a combination of tastes from the classic to the exotic. These combinations will include whole slices of citrus and other fruits, flowers, berries, and spices, carefully chosen and hand packaged to compliment your gin and mixer perfectly. You also get an individual product guide, with full instructions on how to get the best from the monthly selection and 12 Biodegradable drinks straws crafted from REPA (ground down seashells).

Cost – £10 (£10.95 if you just have it as a one-off)

Frequency  – Monthly


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Craft 56 – Scottish gin subscription

Scotland produces some of the finest gins available and the guys at Craft56 want you to experience them all with their Scottish gin subscription service.

Coming in at £40 a month you get –

  • 70cl bottle of Scottish small batch gin
  • Complimentary Scottish tonic water/mixers
  • Handmade chocolates to pair with the flavour profile of the gin
  • Tasting note cards featuring a bottle image by a Glasgow artist
  • Copa de balon gin glass (first box only)

Cost – £40

Frequency  -Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quartley