Views from the still

Born in Britain, Alex Rudd’s love for gin started early and hasn’t left him now that he lives in Brazil.

From the gin scene in Brazil to the trials of becoming a distiller and opening his own distillery, Alex will be sharing his views from the still here on theGin.Blog!

Check back for regular updates on his progress in the world of Brazil gin!




Views from the Still – Opening a Micro-Distillery in Brazil.

Let me preface this with my excuses I am going through what is probably a mid-life crisis, where giving up my steady job as an Executive for a global technology company, and ‘getting into Gin’ seems like a good idea. Brazil, being quite a few years behind the UK in the Gin Market, still has 3 or maybe 4 years…

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Views from the Still – Pernod Ricard increases its stake in Brazil

In October of this year, Pernod Ricard quietly acquired a stake in Brazilian Gin Distiller ‘Amazzoni’. This amounted to a ‘double-digit’ stake in the Brazilian company, according to representatives of Pernod Ricard. For those not familiar with Pernod Ricard, they one of the three largest drinks producers globally, and owner of Beefeater Gin, Absolut Vodka, Chivas Regal and other well…

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Views from the Still – Gin in Brazil

 I have always loved Gin I grew up in the South of England in a time when Aunt Ethel and Dot Cotton sipped their G&T from wine glasses in the Queen Vic, and Gordon’s and Beefeater were the only brands that people really knew. At home, my brothers and I would pick sloes from the hedgerows for our parents to…

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