Brighton Gin – Distilled beside the seaside


When you think of Brighton what comes to mind?

Seaside, seagulls, Fish and chips, Gin??

Brighton gin is the first gin to be produced (legally) in Brighton and  what a gin is it!  A small batch gin, crafted by 5 friends this gin sums up everything about Brighton. In their own words…

Brighton is the Pavilion, the Pier and the Duke of York’s. It’s the Prince Regent, Laurence Olivier and Max Miller. It’s Phoebe Hessel, Mrs Fitzherbert and Martha Gunn. It’s Brighton & Hove (actually), Mods & Rockers and the Seagulls. It’s the Veteran Car Run, the London to Brighton and Brighton Races. It’s the Downs, the sea and Brighton Rock. It’s Pride, naughty weekends, illicit pleasures and now….

…it’s Brighton Gin

3eblCW8The first thing I always take notice of is the bottle design. Everything about it  screams Brighton to me. The bottle is sleek and has an art deco feel to it..the label has the familiar image of Brighton Pavilions and the blue they use for the wax seal and label? That’s the same blue that is used to paint the railing on Brighton Pier. Also, on closer inspection, I noticed that the bottle label is the shape of a ticket…just another little bit of fun.

This is a clear, bright gin with subtle notes of Juniper. The full list of botanicals used to create Brighton Gin remains a closely guarded secret but we do know they use:

  • Juniper
  • Angelica
  • Orange
  • Lime
  • Milk thistle (well-known for cleansing the liver)

On the nose, you can really pick up on the milk thistle and Juniper. The Milk thistle adds depth to the overall aroma and complements the gins core dry characteristics. The taste begins with piney juniper giving way to coriander seed and soft citrus to finish. The persistent citrus flavours make this a very approachable gin.

The Brighton Gin team recommends pairing their gin with a slice of orange in a Gin & Tonic to accentuate the fresh orange peel. It works perfectly as the warm citrus adds a soft touch while keeping the more distinct notes of milk thistle and juniper clear and upfront.

This is an excellent gin that I would recommend to both a seasoned gin lover and, due to the the lightness of the gin and the strong citrus flavours, a gin newbie.

To really try something different have a go at a making a Brighton Rocktail…

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