1724 Tonic – 1,724m above sea level

The next tonic in our review series is 1724.

1724 Tonic Water is premium quality tonic water designed to meet the demand for high quality cocktails and to accompany super-premium spirits. This Tonic has its origins in the Andes, on the mythical Inca Trail. This is not by chance as this is where the quinine tree was first discovered.  The brand name is link to the distance above sea level the Inca Trail lies – 1,724 meters. Great care is taken to ensure that the best ingredients are used and this includes bottling with pure spring water. The water they used is lightly carbonated to give a sparkle similar to those found in premium champagne.

The bottle design is something quite different to other tonic brands meaning that is stands out on the shelf. Instead of going with the traditional bottle shape they have opted for a short neck with cylindrical body. They have gone with the standard embossing that you see on a large number of tonic bottles – but they have kept it very simple by just embossing ‘1724’ on the neck – simple and elegant.

On the nose, this tonic is no too sweet and has a subtle citrus note.  Taste wise its a very fresh, bright tonic water which is less bitter then other tonics on the market. It’s not as sweet as other brands, and it quite light on the quinine. Its also quite effervescent, which gives it a beautiful crisp finish. There are no bold flavours here meaning that this tonic would be well matched with a lot of different spirits.

Gin wise, I think this tonic needs to be paired with a something strong. Big flavours would work quite well with this tonic, for example we paired with Plymouth Navy strength and found it to be quite pleasing.

Like all tonics, 1724 won’t go with every gin but matched with a strong flavoured gin and you won’t go wrong.

 You can find out more about 1724 tonic here and get your own supply here

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  • SimonP November 10, 2018 at 10:05 am

    I personally think that this is the worst tonic I’ve ever tried. Tastes like it’s made from a pound store version of a Sodastream syrup that is mostly chemical and E numbers.


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