Boodles Mulberry Gin – A proper British Mulberry Gin

Over here at, we’re getting nicely into the Christmas season! Imagine our seasonal cheer when we were approached by Boodles with an offer to sample their new Mulberry gin!

Being a fan of their London Dry (review to come…!), we were very excited to get our hands on something new and most importantly, great for Christmas!

Boodles Proper British Gin introduces Boodles Mulberry, the first-ever mulberry gin in America. Boodles Mulberry pays homage to the humble mulberry tree which has been a familiar sight in the English countryside for centuries. Inspired by the traditional sloe gin liqueur, Boodles Mulberry is a fresh interpretation of a British classic.

Traditional sloe gin – a product long steeped in British tradition – serves as the primary inspiration behind Boodles Mulberry. Made with mulberries, Boodles Gin and a blend of natural ingredients, Boodles Mulberry is a liqueur that is perfect for sipping both warm and cold over the holiday season.

The taste combines delicate mulberries with notes of raspberry and currant to create a sweet and subtle medley. Boodles Mulberry adds the perfect complement to Boodles British Gin’s unique botanicals of rosemary, nutmeg and sage, creating the proper balance and complexity of flavour.

I don’t want to go into too much depth about Boodles and their famous London Dry as I’ll reserve that for a later review but in brief, their original gin is distilled from a base spirit of British wheat, infused with traditional herbs and spices including nutmeg, sage and rosemary. Added to this are mulberries with notes of raspberry and currant.

13000358_806654132773017_8515137814644310893_nThe bottle design is much the same as their standard gin (left), though I love the addition of a peacock feather pattern to the label. I’m quite a fan of angular bottles and I find the sturdiness of the bottle quietly15272334_1274733342573363_8178354561404397239_o reassuring.
Perhaps because I am prone to being clumsy with my gin…! The bottle top features an old fashioned coin design with a crown in the centre. Down the sides of the bottle is the word ‘BOODLES’ which is slightly embossed.

Smell: What greets the nose is a lovely, fresh smell of mulberries. Beneath that, you get the sweetness of raspberries and a faint hint of juniper.

Neat: There is some traditional bitterness and juniper but the mulberry is very present along with summer fruits. I kept coming back to cranberry juice. There is a warmth and spice from the base gin. It’s just what you would expect from a sloe gin, but with the unusualness of mulberries!

In a G&T: Now, the tricky bit!There are just so many ways you can enjoy this great gin! We tried it as a sipping gin, both over ice and warm. Our personal preference is over ice but its fantastic with a little orange and nutmeg. Perfect for a post winter walk! In terms of tonic, it suits a bolder tonic such as Fever Tree as the flavour of the gin is quite strong.

Additionally, Boodles provide you with a number of cocktail options as follows:

Boodles Royale:

  • 1 part Boodles Mulberry Gin
  • 3 parts Champagne
  • Garnish with a lemon twist

The Bloodhound:

  • 1 part Boodles Mulberry Gin
  • 1 part Whiskey
  • Enjoy over ice

Proper Punch:

  • 3 parts Boodles Mulberry Gin
  • 3 parts Apple Cider
  • 1 part Fresh Orange
  • Splash of lemon juice
  • Cloves
  • Cinnamon stick

We managed to try both the bloodhound and the proper punch. Both are fantastic but our favourite is definitely the proper punch! It works so well as a winter warmer and is just ideal for this time of year. If you’re after something a little different for Christmas, I would certainly give this new gin a go!

You can find out more about the gin and where to buy it over at


  • Dan January 26, 2019 at 8:59 pm

    Nasty artificial taste expensive alcopop.

  • Lucinda November 30, 2019 at 3:33 am

    Just too sweet for me. Recommended by the local bottlo and I told them I like it dry so disappointed.


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