The hunt for tonic…

What do Americans put with their gin…? Sounds like the start to a bad joke!

We’ve been in the US for almost 4 weeks now and still struggling to find any decent tonic!

At the bars it mostly comes out of soda guns and it doesn’t taste good! Very bitter….

After talking with head distiller Arne at Distillery209 he suggested syrups were the way forward and that we should keep away from USA Schweppes even those they ‘have the best bubbles’

Another suggestion was Q-Tonic but we have struggled to find it!

So the hunt goes on… perhaps it will be better in New Zealand??

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  • SimonP November 28, 2018 at 11:24 pm

    The one drawback of drinking G&Ts in the States. Of course, the huge measures make up for it, though!


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