Colonsay Bramble Liqueur – Autumn in a bottle

It’s dark at 4:00pm, the wind is howling and you’ve dug out your chunky knitted jumpers and long socks…! Yep, it’s Autumn and the weather is starting to turn!

It’s around this time of year we start thinking of warmer alternatives to are usual G&T and Colonsay Gin might just have the answer!

Colonsay Bramble Liqueur

Described as an “autumnal variation of Wild Thyme Spirits’ Colonsay Gin”, this blackberry-based liqueur is as rich as it’s deep red hue would suggest.

The inspiration for Colonsay Bramble Liqueur is taken from the ancient Scottish tradition of the ‘tree calendar’. In the Tree Calendar, the month of Muin – or September as it is known today – is represented by a bramble as this is when bramble fruits would be gathered.

How’s it made?

To create the bramble liqueur, they infused Colonsay gin with blackberries handpicked from hedgerows across the Scottish island. The resulting spirit is described as a full-bodied, rich liqueur, with a beautiful distinctive taste, subtle aroma and vibrant colour.

What does it taste like?

Lovely was the first word I wrote down in my notebook!

On the nose, you get Rich berry notes as you would expect with a big dose of sugary sweetness. Big fruit blackberry notes fill your senses and give it a really decadent, rich aroma.

The palate is nowhere near as sweet as I was expecting but still rich and tasty. It’s slightly sharp and refreshing with those fresh berry’s rolling across your tongue.

How to drink it

We chose to drink it neat over ice and found it rich, warming and satisfying. You could also use it to liven up your prosecco or to make an extra boozy Bramble cocktail!

We would like to pass on our thanks to the guys at Wild Spirits for the sample. We very much enjoyed it and will definitely be adding a bottle to our personal collection!

You can found out more about Colonsay bramble liqueur and the whole Wild Thyme spirits gin range here or get social with them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter


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