Cwtch Gin – a Hug in a glass

A hug in a glass

Well, what can I say I’m a virgin to Welsh Gin, probably the only country I haven’t tried as I’m no virgin to Gin. On first hearing the name I thought someone had an issue with their keyboard and hit W instead of A but alas it is a Welch word for cuddle or hug (thanks google).  The gin is made by Tiny Rebel brewing and distilled in Newport, Wales. The company is well known for beer (don’t let that put you off) but have created a really great gin.

So what does it taste like…

On tasting the gin straight, I was surprised by the refreshing orange/lemon notes that came through without being too strong, think subtle hints of citrus and you’ll get what I mean. I then paired it with a Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic with a slice of fresh orange and it was even better. Think sun terrace in Spain, G&T in hand that is refreshing as it is punchy – like meeting a long-lost friend that gives you a big hug then helps you put the world to rights.

Great job Tiny Rebel keep these coming!

You can find out more about Tiny Rebel on their website here, or get social with them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!


Review by Kat Stephens

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